A place of whole body, mind and spirit healing

Welcome, beloveds. I’m Judy Link, gifted hands-on facilitator, Mentor, Teacher, Guide, and Conduit vessel for intelligent creator source energy.

I have a passion to assist those souls who feel lost, alone, afraid, confused and in discomfort living in this physical body, guiding them back to ‘feeling’ their presence moving freely in and around them once again. The power (self-love) and wisdom to heal are inside each of us. Your light body tries its best to shine through the layers of old archaic teachings, belief systems, points of view, opinions, programming and thought patterns. Your pure brilliance radiance and essence are there to step in when the heart remains open to give/receive from the Universe. The sooner we move from the Mind level of existence and into a heart-centered way of living and raising our vibratory levels of consciousness the sooner we get to see our world outside around us shift into more joy and abundance, also a knowing of what is there to have.

My work is to be the conduit between you and your higher levels of embodiment, allowing activations, transmitting frequencies and tones down and in during the session. Clearing cleaning and purging the debris (memories) of this and other lifetimes/carnal levels) up and out of every cell in the body moving through what is known as the veils of separation (you and your higher self) and guiding you back home again.

In our life’s journey, our experiences sometimes lead us to a place of asking ourselves “what am I doing here? Surely there is more to life then this fast-paced, dualistic polarized state of right/wrong, good/bad hills/valleys, love/inner conflict, lifestyle. Do you feel like you are caught up in a cyclical cycle, a Karmic cycle repeating itself over and over until finally, you are so desperate you find yourself putting out a clarion call to the universe (your higher self) for ‘help’.

You may question why you are doing the things you are doing and where that lost and empty feeling came from. You may be at a place now for something in your life to seriously ‘change’ forcing you to look inside and not ‘out there’.

Sometimes when our life appears to be falling apart, it is actually starting to come together but in a new way, with a brand new energy.

My own healing journey started in 1989 when my sister invited me to go with her to a Naturopathic Dr. to have food intolerance tests done. That set the ball rolling for me to start a process of connecting and loving my body in a new way. I decided in a desperate moment to leave my ‘solder technician’ job and get out of a workforce with deadlines to meet. Sitting in one position becoming numbed, paralyzed, living in boxes of rules and regulations was over for me. I was stressed depleted and ill and it affected my home and family life. I was living someone else’s life and not my own, giving my power away to the exponential world outside of myself, when it really wasn’t in my best interest or anyone else and learning the hard way to say ‘no’ to those around me.

Early on in my journey of self-exploration, I became interested in the stories from the ‘Old Pioneer’s’ of the past and how their healing modalities healed acute and chronic disease. It fascinated me. This attention to my body opened the path and doors for more answer’s showing up, appearing out of nowhere, falling into my lap, like the universe heard my plea for ‘help’. The possibilities were endless according to books. I dove into learning as much as I could about treating the physical body and its make-up with holistic health remedies and the spiritual nature of the inner world. I continue to do the work necessary to move through all the veils going way back before the first separation knowing that what I give to myself, others benefit.

Everyone is moving in this direction whether they know it or not and at their own pace, awake/aware or not. Those who have experienced the dark night of the soul have a head start so to speak. It’s fun and challenging to take the road less travelled, to change direction out of the old ways of being plugged into the mass/collective consciousness. To walk your own walk, into the unknown (self discovery) and toward your unique, innate abilities, your brilliance and your pure essence that make you stand out from all the others.

There is a place of remembering, a place of expansion, feeling 100% grounded in ‘you’, and a total embodiment that is the most amazing gift of you coming back to you. It provides that crystal clear clarity of what is for your highest and best good, helping to guide you to the next door that will open for you. It provides that total peace in your soul of being “home”.

As always your antennas were up and your senses right on my blocked areas that needed special attention. You are truly gifted and excel at what you do like a modern day Shaman from another Galaxy. I felt grounded yet transported at the same time during the treatment and since last Friday I’ve been able to process some healing on a deeper level. I am grateful for the clearing and energy healing session. I feel like I’m back in the flow.

Namaste’ Sylvie

‘WHAT IF ‘ENLIGHTENMENT’ IS SIMPLY ‘YOU’ WITHOUT THE DEBRIS?. ‘CLEAN, CLEARED, PURIFIED AND DIVINITIZED’, ‘YOU’ living wide open feeling safe to receive all that is yours by divine birthright in a body on a planet’.